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5 Beauty Products Worth The Splurge

Hey Girl! Welcome to today’s blog post! If you’re a day 1 and you’ve been following me from the beginning, you’ll know that I created my blog while freelancing for Anastasia Beverly Hills out of Sephora and that originally Hello Styles Blog was a beauty/makeup focused blog. Crazy right?! I know it feels like forever that I’ve been all style all the time but girl, we can’t forget my first love!

Over the years I’ve definitely dabbled with my fair share of beauty products and still have some OG products hidden away deep in the drawers of my beauty room. Now, I do love a good drugstore find, and I am a Maybelline girl through and through, and even though these days you’re more likely to find me with some CC cream and a top knot, when I do get ready there are a few holy grail products that in my opinion have no comparison and are completely worth the investment!

There is a reason this Too Faced foundation is at the top of the Sephora best sellers page. If your looking for build-able coverage and a permanent photoshop looking filter finish this product is for you. Before finding this product, every other foundation I used broke me out and this one wears like a dream, gives you a perfect dewy look and no more breakouts! Parabens free, vegan, great for all skin types and cruelty free! A+

It’s pretty safe to say that eyebrow product is one of the most important makeup products especially if you’re me and have not been blessed with any naturally. (see my IGTV makeup video for a before and after) A bad eyebrow product can have you going from looking real cute to extra surprised real quick. I love the ABH Brow dip product the best, I mean I like all the ABH brow products the best, Anastasia is hands down the brow Queen! and her products are the holy grail. The brow dip I find more versatile for me personally because I like really defined brows and I can easily give myself the look of natural hairlines with this product. Browiz is an easy second.

Bronzer is an absolute must for me, I must own like 20 of them. seriously. The only thing I live for more than being bronzed is a highlight and if ya’ll know, you know. Over the years there’s a few bronzers I’ve loved. Hoola is an obvi, but since I started using this Too Faced bronzer a few weeks ago I haven’t reached for anything else! it’s the PERFECT color and & IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE!

I love a good full-face pallet, it makes it super easy to get ready, or create a simplified makeup routine that still looks bomb but is less time consuming or when you travel and you only need to bring one thing, but honestly, a really good one is hard to come by. I find in every full-face pallet I’ve invested in, a few things are winners like the shadow or blush but the others will be duds and then it just ends up being a waste. This Nars pallet is a win! The shadows 4 shadows are perfect, the blush is GORG! and so pigmented, the bronzer is super cute and the highlight does its thing. This pallet is not on Sephora and I believe it is exclusive to the Nars website. I HIGHLY recommend investing in this pallet. It’s seriously beautiful.

TULA! Ya’ll Tula deserves it’s own FEATURE! but since this is a product list I’m only sharing my favorite. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and hiding from the gram you’ve heard about Tula and yes the hype is well worth it! Girl, my skin was a MESS before I started using these products. This one is the Under eye balm and I have a highlight saved on my IG talking all about it. It goes on this gorgeous subtle highlight shade and cools when you put it under your eye leaving you bright and feeling fresh and awake. If you are going to invest in any Tula product to try it out, let this be your first one! Use my code “HELLOSTYLES” TO SAVE 15% OFF YOUR ORDERS!

I couldn’t end the post without sharing just a few of my other current/all time makeup favs! Just click the photo’s in this post to shop!


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